Smearing? video in The Orion Conspiracy

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Smearing? video in The Orion Conspiracy

Postby MechanoMK » 2017-7-09 @ 05:35

Not sure what the official term would be for it, but i get a sort of smearing effect in the opening videos. As anything moves, there is a dotted trail left behind as if the video isn't updating properly or just getting really pixelated.

Examples: ... 1_1280.jpg ... 2_1280.jpg

I've looked at a Let's Play on youtube and didn't see any of the same artifacts so i should be able to fix it? Normally i would just uncompressed the vid file with Rad Tools (since it uses smackply) but sadly all the game files are hidden away in .dat files. But anyways...

Things i've tried:
Changing the render to overlay and surface. Opengl just crashes dosbox for me.
Changing the video card to the other svga vesa options. svga_s3, vesa_oldvbe & vesa_nolfb are the only ones that work.
Scale doesn't seem to matter for svga, at least none of the scale modes are showing for me so i just have it on the default 'normal2x'.

About the extend of what i can think of unless i need some updated dll for video playback in dosbox? I'm at a loss how to spruce up those vids and eliminate those weird effects.

Using Dosbox 0.74 with D-Fends v1.4.4
My rig:
intel core i7-4790k
16gb memory
Nvidia GTX 980
Windows Professional 7 64 bit
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Re: Smearing? video in The Orion Conspiracy

Postby DarkLord79 » 2018-5-15 @ 23:56

Sorry in my view the images are perfectly fine. Those were the graphics back in the days. I guess I see the stripes below the ship and the squirt of pixels on the other shot but I have/see the same on my rig. Note that pre-rendering to low resolution especially with limited/paletted colors (256) produces a lot of artifacting/color-banding especially considering that the frames had to be encoded as a video with codecs that lagged lightyears behind the technical capabilities of MP4/x2something and the likes we have now.

I also don't know what YT videos you watched/are referring to but it is very likely that some contrast/gamma issue, some automatic filter or gaussian blur of either the video-editing software or the YT uploader washed/beautified the artifacts away.

That's what I think.

Regards, Markus
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Re: Smearing? video in The Orion Conspiracy

Postby KainXVIII » 2018-5-16 @ 08:36

Yeah, its just video compression artifacts from shitty codecs that most of the old PC games used.
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