DOSBOX more than 80 columns please

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DOSBOX more than 80 columns please

Postby Outdated » 2018-3-17 @ 18:50

Hi' I use DDOSBOX and found it very easy to work with.

I use some old X86 programs like ASM11 and other specialed programs and it works flawlessly.

However when assembling my programs I redirect the outlisting to a file rather than to the console, but I am still stuck with a linlength of only 80 cloumns. This makes my Assembler listings look awfull with very anoying linewraps after 80 characters causing my comments to be cut and the rest placed in the beginning of the next line, where I would expect ony to have address and instruction codes for my processor.

I am using DOSBOX version 0.74 and it reports emulating DOS 5, which actually should be capable of running longer lines.

I really hope someone has an easy fix for this flaw.

Best regards from an Outdated programmer.
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Re: DOSBOX more than 80 columns please

Postby leileilol » 2018-3-18 @ 01:15

vDos should be more up your alley. Dosbox is for games (entertainment purposes only)
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Re: DOSBOX more than 80 columns please

Postby Zup » 2018-3-18 @ 08:21

Try to make a small program that set a VESA video mode like 109h (text 132x25) and you're done (until next mode setting).

Back in time, I liked to use graphic mode 640x400 (that gives 80x28) because it looked better than the standard 80x25 text.
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Re: DOSBOX more than 80 columns please

Postby collector » 2018-3-18 @ 12:24

Also, ask DOSBox questions in the DOSBox forum. viewforum.php?f=53
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Re: DOSBOX more than 80 columns please

Postby eL_PuSHeR » 2018-3-19 @ 06:02

Thread moved to DOSBox General Section.
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Re: DOSBOX more than 80 columns please

Postby emendelson » 2018-3-19 @ 18:07

vDos is certainly the right way to go. But if for some reason your application doesn't work with vDos, and needs DOSBox, you could download my custom build, which includes 132x43 and 132x60 modes using the default VGA font: ... inaries.7z

Enter HELP /ALL at the DOSBox prompt for a list of commands; the ones at the end list the modes you can access from the command line.

(Credit where credit is due: I didn't think up these commands; helpful experts on this forum showed me how to create them.)
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Re: DOSBOX more than 80 columns please

Postby Asterisk » 2018-5-14 @ 01:22

I've also been able to get 132x60 to work using UNIVBE and MODE.COM (from FreeDOS) on the Daum build.
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