Using a CRT Monitor with DOSBox

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Using a CRT Monitor with DOSBox

Postby Synyzterfiction » 2018-5-14 @ 21:38

Hello! I just found a free 21 inch CRT monitor that I'm going to be picking up soon that I want to use for retro gaming. Is there anything I should know about configuring it for DOSBox-ECE? I'm going to use a DVI-I to VGA adaptor so I will have true analog output from my GPU. I have little experience with CRT monitors and I've never used one for modern windows so any advice will be most helpful.
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Re: Using a CRT Monitor with DOSBox

Postby leileilol » 2018-5-15 @ 01:09

resolution=original. Don't use scalers. Have fun!
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Re: Using a CRT Monitor with DOSBox

Postby Azarien » 2018-5-16 @ 09:08

One thing related to CRT monitors in general: while 60 Hz refresh rate is standard for LCD monitors, it's painfully too low for a CRT (and I mean literally: you'll feel that pain in your eyes).
I'm not sure how does DOSBox support various refresh rates, but at least for Windows desktop you can change it in screen properties (though Microsoft is making this option harder and harder to find in modern Windows versions).
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