Packard Bell European Master CD

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Packard Bell European Master CD

Postby pbuser » 2018-5-16 @ 20:18

Hi everyone,

For nostalgic reasons, I'm looking for a restore/recovery CD called "European Master CD" that was part of the software bundle from a Packard Bell computer I purchased at PC World (UK) back in ~summer 1995.

The specs of this PC was :
- Pentium 60MHz
- 528MB Hard Drive
- Cirrus Logic 5430 graphics chip
- Standard Packard Bell sound card
- 1.44MB 3.5" floppy drive
- 4x Panasonic CR-574 CD-ROM drive

This Master CD is 'easily' recognizable by its part number which reads '6705370200' as well as its red/silver label side.

It includes the following software/system in British English, French and German :

- Windows for Workgroups 3.11
- MS-DOS 6.22

- Encarta 95, Fine Artist, Works 3.0, Money 3.0, Windows Entertainment Pack (Skifree, Rodent's Revenge, Rattler Race...) [Microsoft]
- Sage Moneywise
- Lotus Organiser
- Disk Image
- Packard Bell Navigator 2.1
- 3-D Body Adventure, 3-D Dinosaur Adventure, Kid's Zoo, Bug Adventure, Magic Theatre, Undersea / Speed / Space Adventure [Knowledge Adventure / Softkey / Instinct Corporation]
- The Four Seasons of French Cuisine [Arome Interactive]
- Cyberia Mission Norway [Interplay]
- Multimedia Maestro [Software Dynamics]
- Learn French with Asterix [Eurotalk]
- Beethoven's 5th Symphony [Montparnasse Multimedia]
... among many others as well as drivers for sound, FM radio & video cards, CD-ROM drives...

Not to mention Packard Bell's OEM stuff (such as rolling demo...).

It shipped with Packard Bell's Legend, Axcel, Executive 9500 and Spectria series around september - november 1995. Their serial number started with '23'.

I've been looking for it FOR YEARS, ALL OVER the Internet (including message boards such as Reddit, BetaArchive, VCF...), without any success. I even asked Packard Bell themselves.

I found only 2 pages that mention this CD :

- ... oUhvMhg-gJ

Maybe someone here have or had a Packard Bell computer including this CD ?

Given its rarity, I'm willing to buy this CD at a golden price (up to £200).

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated (and maybe HIGHLY rewarded) :happy:

Thank you
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