Weird issue upon entering commands in dosbox

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Weird issue upon entering commands in dosbox

Postby MisterYumYum » 2018-6-13 @ 22:42

So I'm having a relatively new problem with DosBox and I don't know where to look for the problem's source. I'm running Windows 7 SP1 for reference.

I go through the mounting process just fine, I verify the directory is mounted correctly by running dir and it shows everything, then I go to the mount letter as per usual.

Previously, when I did something like "setup.exe" or "install.exe" from the mounted letter it would execute it. I was able to run several games including Dark Reign and Crusader: No Regret.

But now, when I do that, it inserts "win" before the command and that blocks it from running due to being an illegal command.
For example




Illegal command: win not found.

Where is the "win" coming from, why is it automatically inserting it, and how do I make it stop?

I checked my config file for dosbox and couldn't find anything matching that specific command. Didn't find anything in the "intro" or "help" commands within dosbox itself. I have literally no idea what's going on.
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Re: Weird issue upon entering commands in dosbox

Postby ripsaw8080 » 2018-6-13 @ 23:02

It's a Windows program. Some Windows programs only display a message explaining that they can't be run in DOS mode, but the one you have is being a bit more proactive by trying to start up Windows and passing the name of its executable on the command line so Windows will run it. Doesn't work if Windows is not installed, of course.

You can install Windows 3.x in DOSBox if you own a license, and there is a guide in the guides section of the forum that can help you with that.
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