Acer S58M Award BIOS

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Acer S58M Award BIOS

Postby andrea » 2018-6-14 @ 15:22

I have an Acer S58M OEM motherboard (socket 370 i815E). Caps aside, you can tell it's a quality board (It screams AOpen to me), except for the fact that's crippled by the bios, literally made by Acer.
I've tried several versions for the S58M and the lone version for its Tualatin ready successor, the S58M-3. ... S58M/bios/ ... ard/S58M-3
They all share some issues, the most salient of which are:
  • They lack microcode for both Tualatins and cD0 stepping Coppermines. However, they have microcode for Klamath and Deschutes, useless for 370, so a quick cut/paste in a hex editor solves that.
  • No matter what kind of memory you use or what its SPD says it runs it at 2/3 of FSB at 3-3-3 timings
  • It's slow, both in "snappiness" feelings and in benchmarks (Sandra says that memory bandwith is about the same of a Celeron/440LX combo)

Searching around I've found this thread on this very same forum where it seems like an Award-based bios for the board exists:

Is there a chance that someone has a dump of this bios?

Thank you,
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