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consoles + mouse

Postby robertmo » 2018-6-28 @ 17:53

List consoles and computers with mouse support

MS and Razer are working on adding full mouse support for xbox one
While PS1 had mouse support from the beginning.
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Re: consoles + mouse

Postby Kerr Avon » 2018-6-30 @ 12:38

Both the Dreamcast and the Playstation 2 supported a mouse in a few of their games, and a keyboard too.

The original XBox supports a mouse (and an external keyboard, sometimes) in some homebrew emulators and games but I don't know if any official games supported a mouse.

I don't know if the the above consoles only use official or specific mice (and keyboard), or if you can use any general mouse (maybe with a specific adapter).

There were mice available for the ZX Spectrum (British 1980s 8 bit computer) which were supported by very very few official programs but hackers have modded a lot of Spectrum games and utilities to be used with a mouse.

The Atari ST and Commodore Amiga both came with a mouse as standard, and most utilities and many games supported the mouse by default.
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Re: consoles + mouse

Postby leileilol » 2018-7-05 @ 22:25

by the way, DOSBox is not for running Windows 9x
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Re: consoles + mouse

Postby xjas » 2018-7-12 @ 10:04

There's a 3DO mouse but it's pretty rare. A few DOS/Mac/Amiga ports support it (Lemmings, Myst, etc.), as well as some FMV shooter games.
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Re: consoles + mouse

Postby Weebob » 2018-7-12 @ 12:32

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Re: consoles + mouse

Postby Mister Xiado » 2018-11-22 @ 08:56

The Genesis/Mega Drive and naturally the Sega CD have several games that support the mouse, but you can't just connect any old serial mouse to the system.
Yes, the PSX also has a mouse, but playing Quake II with it is strange. With your left hand, you use the d-pad, L1, and L2, and with your right hand, you use the mouse to aim, fire, and I forget what the RMB does. Works well enough, though. Haven't played any other PSX games that use the mouse myself, but there are lists online, of course.
Though it's already been mentioned, the PS2 supports mice. I used a Microsoft USB optical mouse to draw emblems in Armored Core 2. Had to do it the hard way in Armored Core 1 (and its PSX sequels).
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Re: consoles + mouse

Postby realnc » 2018-11-22 @ 12:04

From a PC user's perspective, I think the Dreamcast is the prime example, because you could play Unreal Tournament on it using mouse and keyboard. Predictably, doing that was always a guaranteed win, if everyone else was using the gamepad.

Did any other console allow you to play a competitive shooter with m&k?
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Re: consoles + mouse

Postby keropi » 2018-11-22 @ 12:31

robertmo wrote:[...]
MS and Razer are working on adding full mouse support for xbox one

we've been hearing this for years and I bet it will never happen for games - it will be an advantage over gamepad players and you'll suddenly see the userbase becoming even smaller.
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Re: consoles + mouse

Postby pewpewpew » 2019-5-03 @ 00:59

realnc wrote:Did any other console allow you to play a competitive shooter with m&k?

Yes - Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3 is supposed to have native support for M&K. *And mods, woot!* I'm looking forward to exploring this. Only finally got a PS3 recently.

I didn't find mention of other PS3 FPS with native support. Seems adapters are a popular item.

(Hi all. Been a while.)

ah: let's include a link to a mod collection.
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