Illegal Command: instgame.bat

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Illegal Command: instgame.bat

Postby instgame » 2018-7-10 @ 18:57

I'm trying to install Space Quest III but I always get error "Illegal Command: instgame.bat" no matter what. I'm missing something?

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Re: Illegal Command: instgame.bat

Postby root42 » 2018-7-10 @ 20:23

I think you must elaborate a bit more...

Did you check what programs your copy of the game comes with? Sierra SCI games usually have an install.exe to setup video and sound, and they are started by or sciv.exe or scidhuv.exe binaries. That depends on the game. SQ3 should be sciv.exe, since it's a SCI0 game, I think.
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