directx wrapper scaling hq2x ?

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directx wrapper scaling hq2x ?

Postby Lassar » 2018-7-10 @ 20:55

Is there any directx wrapper that can scale using hq2x?
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Re: directx wrapper scaling hq2x ?

Postby Peixoto » 2018-7-12 @ 17:25

I just implemented xBR for two of my patches (viewtopic.php?f=24&t=53121)

eventually (this year, i hope): my patches will become something like DXWnd, so you will be able to use the filter (and other filters) in other games
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Re: directx wrapper scaling hq2x ?

Postby ZellSF » 2018-7-12 @ 18:11

DxWnd does support hq4x, expect low framerates with it though. ReShade can do a hq4x-like post-process filter (should work with DgVoodoo and DXGL).
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