UniPCemu arachne browser modem command issues?

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UniPCemu arachne browser modem command issues?

Postby superfury » 2018-7-11 @ 15:46

When I start up the slip driver on Arachne(MS-DOS 6.22), the hardware seems to receive and execute commands(emulated Hayes-compatible modem receiving AT commands) correctly, but when sending back the results for some odd reason the dial-up program that's used by Arachne seems to print out each character with spaces between it(e.g. "OK" is received as "O K " on UniPCemu(displayed on the VGA output)). It does so both for the loopback by the modem, thus displaying the modem init string and OK on two rows, all with spaces added. After displaying thesr two results, it simply gives up and errors out after a large delay, returning to the MS-DOS prompt saying it didn't get a valid result(in time). It runs without problems when used on Dosbox, so the program itself should be fine. Is this some weird emulation bug within the CPU, is it somehow doing some weird port i/o to receive the input or is it decoding the message in some incorrect way? Anyone knows anything about this?
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