Nvidia NV1 video card list questions???

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Nvidia NV1 video card list questions???

Postby RaVeN-05 » 2018-7-13 @ 11:11

  • Aztech 3D Galaxy
  • Core-Dynamics DynaGraFx 3-D
  • Diamond Multimedia EDGE 3D 2120
  • Diamond Multimedia EDGE 3D 2200
  • Diamond Multimedia EDGE 3D 3240
  • Diamond Multimedia EDGE 3D 3400
  • Focus TNC - Unknown model
  • Genoa Systems Stratos 3D
  • Jazz Multimedia 3D Magic
  • Kasan Electronics WinX 3D
  • Leadtek WinFast Proview 3D GD400
  • Leadtek Proview 3D GD500
  • MediaForte Videoforte VF64-3DG-01
  • MediaForte Videoforte VF64-3DG-02
  • YUAN JRS-3DS100

I've never seen that many video cards. I think this list contains many error entries.

For example, I've seen:

Diamond Multimedia EDGE 3D:

Jazz Multimedia 3D Magic:

Leadtek WinFast Proview 3D GD400:

MediaForte VideoForte 01 VF64-3DG-01:

MediaForte VideoForte 02 VF64-3DG-02:

Yuan JRS-3DS100:

What about other video cards? Do they exist? Or is there misleading knowledge everywhere on the Internet :) ?

Also what about "Unknown model"?
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Re: Nvidia NV1 video card list questions???

Postby Stiletto » 2018-7-13 @ 14:02

RaVeN-05 wrote:Also seems someone programming something related to NV1?

what you've found are "PCI ID" database files for open source operating systems. Operating systems often use these databases so that when the operating system boots and detects the hardware, it can provide and display a manufacturer and model number for every device that presents itself on the PCI bus.

(the fact that you didn't know this and didn't bother googling farther to determine what it was is a little worrisome. my recommendation is to try harder to understand the things you've found before you bother reporting it.)
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