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Re: Half-Life 1280x1024 in D3D

Postby UCyborg » 2018-9-14 @ 07:55

UCyborg wrote:Unlike Valve, these guys actually care about Half-Life.

Oops, I take that back, Valve still does small maintenance updates.

leileilol wrote:The original Half-Life pre-steam only supported CD audio.

MP3 support is implemented since patch. It's not mentioned in the changelog.

leileilol wrote:There is never music in valve/media

Well, yes, you have to put it there yourself.

leileilol wrote:also -window

A workaround at best that assumes one doesn't mind windowed mode and obviously doesn't change fundamentally flawed menu implementation.

KT7AGuy wrote:However, I just noticed that Audio only has 14 tracks compared to the original soundtrack's 28 tracks.

There are 27 original soundtracks.

KT7AGuy wrote:If Half-Life seeks a track in the 15-28 range and doesn't find it, what happens? Does it play an available music track, or nothing at all?

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Re: Half-Life 1280x1024 in D3D

Postby leileilol » 2018-9-14 @ 23:26

UCyborg wrote:
leileilol wrote:The original Half-Life pre-steam only supported CD audio.

MP3 support is implemented since patch. It's not mentioned in the changelog.

leileilol wrote:There is never music in valve/media

Well, yes, you have to put it there yourself.

That alleged bit of unannounced unfinished featurecreep doesn't sound like a supported feature at all that one should judge an entire generation of half-life versions for. :rolleyes:

Sounds more like grapsing at straws to plug an allegedly 'from scratch' illegal source port violating HL SDK licenses and is suspiciously derivative of 2003 leak code....
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Re: Half-Life 1280x1024 in D3D

Postby KT7AGuy » 2018-9-15 @ 01:00


Can you detail how to use the MP3 support feature? It would be much easier if I could just rip the tracks to MP3. Then I wouldn't have to listen to my drive whine when playing. Also, I could simply double duplicate Audio's tracks for 15-28 so that I would get music throughout the entire game.

Or, I suppose I could simply double duplicate Audio's tracks for 15-28 on a DVD and do it that way too.
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Re: Half-Life 1280x1024 in D3D

Postby UCyborg » 2018-9-16 @ 05:12

This is the track list from the original Half-Life CD that tells how you should name the MP3 files after you rip them so the right music plays:

  1. <data track, ignore it>
  2. Half-Life01.mp3
  3. Prospero01.mp3
  4. Half-Life12.mp3
  5. Half-Life07.mp3
  6. Half-Life10.mp3
  7. Suspense01.mp3
  8. Suspense03.mp3
  9. Half-Life09.mp3
  10. Half-Life02.mp3
  11. Half-Life13.mp3
  12. Half-Life04.mp3
  13. Half-Life15.mp3
  14. Half-Life14.mp3
  15. Half-Life16.mp3
  16. Suspense02.mp3
  17. Half-Life03.mp3
  18. Half-Life08.mp3
  19. Prospero02.mp3
  20. Half-Life05.mp3
  21. Prospero04.mp3
  22. Half-Life11.mp3
  23. Half-Life06.mp3
  24. Prospero03.mp3
  25. Half-Life17.mp3
  26. Prospero05.mp3
  27. Suspense05.mp3
  28. Suspense07.mp3
The files go into Half-Life\valve\media folder. The only purpose those file names have internally is mapping the track number to the corresponding MP3 file.

So the list also applies to expansion packs, the only difference is they have less tracks so you're done sooner and the files go to Half-Life\gearbox\media for Opposing Force and Half-Life\bshift_unlocked\media for Blue Shit (assuming you've converted your Blue Shift installation with Blue Shift: Unlocked 1.1 installer, by default, it's installed separately and uses some odd iteration of GoldSrc engine).

Speaking of expansion packs, I made a patch that fixes the issue I mentioned, so the right music will play if you put the MP3s of the expansion packs in correct folder.

Some notes when it comes using MP3s with the version of the game. Its MP3 decoder doesn't understand IDv2 tags, which are commonly added with modern CD ripping software, so such MP3s won't play. That's why you can't copy over MP3s from Steam version of the game and except them to work with the old version. CDex allows to choose to use ID3v1 tags instead, which don't cause problems. Or you can take Steam version's MP3s and strip/edit the tags with Mp3tag.
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Re: Half-Life 1280x1024 in D3D

Postby UCyborg » 2018-9-16 @ 12:24

Hm, so I tried Xash3D again for the first time after 2 or 3 years since I messed with it the last time and when it comes to pure technical observations, it still deviates from GoldSrc behavior in some critical aspects. Some events still cancel out some sounds, eg. at the beginning of Opposing Force, before the helicopter you're in is hit, the guy in charge is supposed to give mission briefing, but he stays silent.

Then I wanted to see if Half-Life: Decay (PC port in form of HL mod) still crashes on the level transitions and the cart got stuck in the elevator, so couldn't even complete the first map. And the exploding computer you encounter in Half-Life - Unforeseen Consenquences chapter still doesn't gib the dead scientist.

There is also an issue that I fixed in that crossplatform port of Xash3D of music not playing right at the start of Unforeseen Consequences due to server not sending the command under all circumstances under which GoldSrc does it, but the main guy behind Xash3D apparently didn't see fit to implement that fix.

So there are still a number of critical flaws. But original GoldSrc could use a number of touches from it, eg. increased limits, stabler MOVETYPE_PUSH physics (no twitching monsters and other entities on moving platforms, also impossible or at least more difficult to make the tram at beginning of the game stop by performing certain movements), more accurate game saving (decals from more types of surfaces get saved compared to GoldSrc, currently playing music track and position is saved, if a NPC talks when you save, its state will be properly restored so dialog continues where it left off when loading unlike in GoldSrc where you get silence), snapshots of locations where you saved in save/load menu etc.

And while the official version of Half-Life on Steam (I guess the only one players should be using in Valve's opinion) is supposed to be the best, Valve saw fit to remove some features from the Windows build when porting to Linux/OS X. Direct3D renderer, despite its shortcomings, could just be #ifdefed out for Linux/OS X builds, the same goes for 3D sound and EAX code if they didn't feel like implementing these features in a cross-platform manner. And what happened to ability to delete saved games from in-game menus?

There is no sane version of Half-Life, just a number of different versions, each with its pros and cons. On the somehow related note, I seem to remember reading few years back that the guys behind Sven Coop got the actual source code of GoldSrc. So one more variant of GoldSrc. So much fragmentation, instead of uniting to produce something great, everyone's doing their own thing...Yeah, I realize there's legal crap involved and Valve isn't like id Software, at least not like old id Software.
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Re: Half-Life 1280x1024 in D3D

Postby Marek » 2018-9-17 @ 10:41

KT7AGuy wrote:My old CD version of the game still works just fine without needing to phone home or install any online clients.
You have a point there. Granted.
KT7AGuy wrote:I don't need any trading cards or achievements or other silly useless bullshit, and I don't feel any need to share how many hours I've spent playing the game.
Steam has an offline mode which disables all of those things.
KT7AGuy wrote:Also, their recent announcement with regards to continued XP support has given me cause to never spend another penny for their service.
Not really an issue in a forum for "new systems".
KT7AGuy wrote:A company as large and wealthy as Valve could easily release an unsupported legacy client for XP as a show of goodwill.
Did they stated that they don't? I remember the Windows 2000 version kept working for quite some time after their support ended. (I didn't check if it still does, though.)
KT7AGuy wrote:For that, I'll avoid STEAM as much as I possibly can in the future.
I also prefer DRM free sources. But most of the time, the developer of the game drop support far before the distributor, so no big gain in this regard. If a game doesn't work with the latest OS, you're on your own.
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Re: Half-Life 1280x1024 in D3D

Postby UCyborg » 2018-9-22 @ 18:56

I have updated the patch from the last time. Now all resolutions supported by the system should be selectable for both Direct3D and OpenGL renderer - no more hex-editing resolutions!

I also made "-32bpp" and "-24bpp" command line parameters effective for menus. Previously, the screen was always switched down to 16-bit color depth. While it didn't have any effect on Windows 8+, this still prevents activating compatibility shims dealing with emulated 8 and 16-bit color depths.

Also some newly discovered command line parameters of interest:

-lw <width> - Forces the engine to start with horizontal menu resolution set to <width>. Ex: -w 1024.
-lh <height> - Forces the engine to start with vertical menu resolution set to <height>. Ex: -w 768.
-noextracds - when the launcher resolution is set to 640x480 (default), upon entering menu, the game will switch to 800x600 and immediately after to 640x480. Passing this parameter skips the switch to 800x600 in such case.
-notopmost - doesn't mark the game's windows as topmost in fullscreen mode.

The menus don't exactly look right with custom resolution, but it's still better than delay for the switch and potentially messing up other applications' windows IMO. Menu functionality remains intact regardless of resolution, unless you go very high where things become really small without scaling.
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Re: Half-Life 1280x1024 in D3D

Postby mr tibs » 2018-9-22 @ 20:17

leileilol wrote:
UCyborg wrote:I think WON version of Half-Life is horrible for its stupid resolution switching to 640x480 for menus and it doesn't even play MP3 soundtracks for expansion packs, it always reads music files from valve/media folder.


The original Half-Life pre-steam only supported CD audio. There is never music in valve/media

also -window

I had a latter pre steam disk that had the game and expansion packs all on one disk. it played music from soundtracks for the expansion packs and not the cd
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