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Yes yes, another one. I've went through all the forums here looking for a work around and haven't found a proper solution.

Lets first get these out of the way:
-No access to a VPC
-Running windows 7
-Running Dosbox 0.74
-Own both the original Duke3d disc and the Plutonium disc.

Once I have installed Duke in dosbox, I proceeded to try the Plutonium disc and update the game.
It stated that "The patch had failed, please reinstall" message. I then found the PPack15 on 3drealms' site. Tried again, same result.
Came onto the forum to try the timestamp issue. I did get the computer and dosbox to install all the files using the "1996 13:40" time and date.
Verified it though both dosbox and the windows explorer.
Tried installing the patch, Same result.

At this point I'm just disappointed. Is there something I'm missing/applying wrong?

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Usually not a good idea to recommend Daum. It is broken and as noted, it is completely unsupported, so if there are issues you are on your own.

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I waded thru this headache myself and said heck with it and ordered the Atomic edition (has all updates/add ons built in) off ebay, worked fine with my XP rig running Dosbox/D-fend Reloaded.

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