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Hi all.

Im new to dosbox, but decided to give it a try, since a long time wanted game suddenly appeared on a forum.
The game i'm trying to run is championship manager 98 in Danish. It comes as an iso file.

I have installed dosbox and mounted the iso in dosbox like this "mount c c:\cm.iso -t iso" then "c:" and "install". Then installation begins but an error comes up with "too little space on the hdd".

I therefor used a program called magiciso to copy all files from iso into folder on c:\

Now when i go "mount c c:\dos" , "c:" , "install" it lets me install the game.
I now CD to the installation folder and tries to open the game and it gives me "error 0 NO CD FOUND".
Can someone please tell me, what i am doing wrong? I am so desperate to play this old game!

Regards Beske

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IIRC, that game has copy protection which DOSBox does not emulate.
Also we don't support so called "abandonware"

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