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I have burned the soundtrack to a CD which runs in the CD player. I boot up Quake. The launch monitor recognises there's a CD in the tray, but no music is played when I proceed. Sound effects are fine, though. I'm using an AWE64 and Windows 98.

What am I missing, folks?

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Have you tried any of these console commands:

cd on
Re-enables the CD audio system after a "cd off" command.

cd off
Shuts down the CD audio system. No more music will be
played unless it is re-enabled.

cd reset
Causes the CD audio to re-initialize. This is useful
if you change CDs or insert the CD after you've
already run Quake.

cd play <track number>
Plays the specified track one time.

cd loop <track number>
Plays the specified track. It will be repeated until
either it is manually stopped or another track is started.

cd stop
Stops the currently playing track.

cd resume
Will resume playback of a stopped track.

cd eject
This is for CD players that do not have a manual eject button.

cd info
Reports information such as the number and types of
tracks on the current CD, what track (if any) is
currently playing, and the playback volume.


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Heh. If you had offered this information from the start, you may have gotten this suggestion earlier.

Some games are willing to play any CD that's inserted, and some check and only play their own CD.

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gladders wrote:

So the secret it seems was to hav the game data on the disc and not just the music, and not bother with WINQUAKE but only use the DOS version. Odd but there you go.

That seems bizarre, because I've played Quake with my own music in the drive before from some legit audio CDs and it played them just fine.

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