Mod MT-32 ROMs with CM-32L sounds?

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Mod MT-32 ROMs with CM-32L sounds?

Postby mvmiller12 » 2018-9-01 @ 18:33

I've not found any info on it, but has anyone ever tried the CM-32L ROMs on MT-32 hardware? Or modding the missing CM-32L patches into MT-32 ROMs? The fact that that the MT-32 indicates that the sounds are missing seems to indicate that it should at least theoretically be possible. It should be relatively simple to test any mods using MUNT before committing them to ROM chips and trying them in actual hardware...

Please note that I am NOT asking for ROMs - I am asking if anyone has done this before.
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Re: Mod MT-32 ROMs with CM-32L sounds?

Postby Cloudschatze » 2018-9-03 @ 18:41

This wouldn't be a simple mod. Among the differences, the MT-32 lacks the CM-32L's second waveform ROM and associated circuitry, and uses a method of (physical) volume control presumably unsupported by the CM-32L control ROM.

On the flip side, the CM-32L mainboard already has headers that support the connection of an MT-32 LCD and button panel:

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Re: Mod MT-32 ROMs with CM-32L sounds?

Postby keropi » 2018-9-03 @ 20:02

yeah too bad we can't just add the samples

at one point I thought about the possibility to make a kit or something to add a dual-line screen to the CM-32L , the code for a ATMEGA88 mcu already exists for this but I never pursued it further, mainly because I could not think of a nice place to mount the screen. Making holes to a CM-32L is just blasphemy.
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