Slot A FIC SD11 Dumpter find

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Slot A FIC SD11 Dumpter find

Postby chinny22 » 2018-9-07 @ 12:11

So while back I found this and a Mac G3 in a skip outside the Industrial Unit next to ours.
The G3 was in pretty bad shape missing the PSU, HDD and some of the casing.

I was lucky with the PC as it was only missing the HDD. I quicly grabbed both and took them inside before anyone saw me stealing their trash, not that I think they would have minded.


In the end I was very pleasantly surprised!
Motherboard: Fic SD11
CPU: AMD Athlon 650 (AMD-K7650MTR51B A)
Ram: 128MB x2
Video: Voodoo 3 2000 PCI :) :) :)
FDD: Teac FD-505 Duel floppy
CD: HP C4352-56000
PSU: SkyHalk? 300w
NIC Sweex LC001 V2.7 (RTL8139D based)
and a Apple branded Zip 100 SCSI attached to a IWill Side-2930C V1.1 SCSI controller.

The PC was good condition accept where the HDD was obviously forced out probably before throwing away and bending the cage pretty bad. It was pretty dusty but that's to expected if it was used next door in a dusty industrial unit (the guy runs a commercial printing press)

Sadly the 3 1/2 floppy doesn't work. I don't have any disks to try out the 5.25 drive. Although don't really need one as can boot from CD then the network is up and running.
The loading spring doesn't work on the zip drive either, so you can put a disk in but it wont come out again.
One of the heatsink fans also is pretty close to seizing, although the more its turned it seems to be loosening up again.


I actually really wanted a Slot A system for my collection as I'm a big fan of the cartridge style CPU's but doubt I'd of ever actually gone out and paid for one (Just like I really want a Slot 2 system)
Also Voodoo 3 PCI is really nice even if it is just the 2000, although makes sense with the buggy AGP implementation of early Athlon systems. however over all RedHill liked these boards (well out of the slim choices for slot a)

I've done a few upgrades with hardware I already had.
Ram got maxed out with 3 sticks of KVR133X64C3/256
Added a Seagate ST360015A 60GB HDD
Added a spare SB Live and SB32
Replaced the Nic for a DLink DGE-528T just because the first drivers I tried for the original NIC didn't work
Next its onto trying this thing out!
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Re: Slot A FIC SD11 Dumpter find

Postby MMaximus » 2018-9-09 @ 12:33

Great find. Nice to get a Voodoo 3 for free and other parts as a bonus :)

These Teac dual format drives are actually not so common - I'm surprised a system from this era would have one. I bought one on ebay a few years ago but I've only been able to make the 3.5" part of it work. The 5.25" drive won't read disks.
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Re: Slot A FIC SD11 Dumpter find

Postby shamino » 2018-9-11 @ 01:21

I remember getting an FIC SD11 on eBay a long time ago, but it never worked. It took years for me to get another slot-A board which showed the CPU was good. It was one of the weirdest packing jobs I've had from an eBay seller. The motherboard was shipped on a piece of carpet. That's neither ESD safe, nor is it light, so I have no idea what motivated that decision.

I've never actually used a slot-A for a significant length of time, but it is definitely an interesting moment in time. I remember really wanting one of these but it required buying too many new parts, so I settled for a K6-3 upgrade instead. Turns out Slot-A didn't last long so I guess it wasn't really the right time to jump into a major upgrade anyway.

I might be mixing this up, but if I remember right, some versions of this motherboard only have half of the Vcore MOSFETs populated. If that's the case, and you're inclined to do such things, it might be worth filling in the missing parts. Check with a multimeter though to make sure those pads are actually in parallel with the populated ones.
If you do any soldering on the board then it might also need caps, I think mine had some bad ones.

That is a cool dual floppy drive. Pretty surprising to find that in an Athlon. To this day I've never had a 5.25" except in an old Apple.
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Re: Slot A FIC SD11 Dumpter find

Postby buckeye » 2018-9-11 @ 14:47

Nice catch! Do the slot A's run hot? What game era would a system like this fit?
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Re: Slot A FIC SD11 Dumpter find

Postby appiah4 » 2018-9-11 @ 21:49

I'd say the PCI Voodoo 3 and Combo floppy are a bigger deal than the Slot-A stuff, it's a fantastic find overall!
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Re: Slot A FIC SD11 Dumpter find

Postby Almoststew1990 » 2018-9-15 @ 21:55

I love Slot A stuff so I'm pleased to see another one in good shape! Mine is daily driver for retro gaming which I picked up for cheap before I realised they were not that common. I also use mine with a Voodoo 3 2000 pci.
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