Fifa soccer 96 running!!! Yeah!!

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Fifa soccer 96 running!!! Yeah!!

Postby Jens » 2018-9-16 @ 17:36

Hi, this weekend i've read several threads re. Fifa soccer 96 that were blabla = NOT helpful. Some people (like me) have/had problems re. "file not found" errors or freezing screens. So, here is what i found out (at last) to get it running WITH sound AND videos AND NO errors:

You need the .iso file of the CD (400MB or so, found everywhere).
R=in/on Real drive, B=in DosBox
R 1. Unpack .iso with 7-zip.
B 2. Mount the folder as D:\ diskdrive. In addition mount a c:\ harddisk for install.
B 3. Run install. Minimal in some c:\folder.
R 4. put the packed = original .iso in that folder (any other physical folder will work, too).
B 5. Mount folder as c:\ harddisk AND d:\ diskdrive (label FIFAPCCD96, as mentioned somewhere else, is not necessary). Now Fifa thinks to be on HD with inserted CD in D:\
B 6. Run Setup (if sounddriver is wrong, it crashes).
B 7. Run Fifa.exe. If it shows a long video, everything is fine.
R 8. Smile.
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