Compaq Portable III modded BIOS / XTIDE

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Compaq Portable III modded BIOS / XTIDE

Postby LeFlash » 2018-9-16 @ 19:33

Hi there,

while restoring my Compaq P3 i had some interesting thoughts.

First of all, this machine got an IDE->CF-adapter in the drive bay. Second, a Gotek.
But i didn't want to use Ontrack, so i checked what the 2 empty ROM-sockets are doing.
Turned out they are mapped at E000h. The Bios unfortunately only checks from C000 - DF80h for extension roms.
So i patched the BIOS to scan up to EF80h and removed its CRC-routine to make things easiert. Split XTIDE-Bios in Lo/Hi,
burned and voilá! Works like a charm. :-)

Now i'll get a ATBus expansion box and fiddle out the pinout of the internal connectors. Next plan is to change the built-in CGA-gpu to something
newer, maybe Trident. Hopefully all needed Pins are present.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in the patched bios, let me know!

Kind regards!
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Re: Compaq Portable III modded BIOS / XTIDE

Postby Jo22 » 2018-9-16 @ 23:37

Hi, that's a neat (or nifty) thing you did. Congrats! :D
While I've got no Compaq Portable III myself, I think this would indeed be useful to any Compaq owner.

Best regards,
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