4x scalers ?

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4x scalers ?

Postby Cutter » 2018-12-27 @ 20:06


Would it be possible to add 4x scalers to fit HD resolutions ? A 320x240 game with normal4x could fit inside a 1920x1080 resolution. Currently I play with normal3x and the black borders are quite large. :dead:

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Re: 4x scalers ?

Postby BinaryDemon » 2019-1-02 @ 23:46

I'm curious what the performance impact of a 4x scaler would be. I remember seeing a performance drop when moving from 2x to 3x. I would guess the performance impact on what sort of display output options you choose, maybe it would be manageable on ddraw.
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Re: 4x scalers ?

Postby FulValBot » 2019-1-12 @ 18:25

Try DOSBox ECE that already support it https://blog.yesterplay80.net/dosbox-ece-en/

remember that you can't remove black borders with 4:3 games... (only aspect=false can remove it, but with distorsions...)
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