How to run Stupid Invaders?

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How to run Stupid Invaders?

Postby Diskutant » 2019-1-09 @ 18:16


I'm trying to get Stupid Invaders to run. Does anyone know how to get this to run on a modern PC?

Here is what I tried already:
First I tried it on Win 10, it started but crashes when you try to combine 2 items. I found a patch for Win 2000 & XP, with that applied it runs further, but starts to freeze at other points in the game.

Then I tried VMware Workstation 15 Player with Win XP. Can't even get past the intro.

Then I checked the recommended system requirements, it states Win 98. So I tried that inside VMware, it starts, but in the main menu I can't move the cursor, so that I can't get into the game.

Now I hope you guys can help me.
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Re: How to run Stupid Invaders?

Postby cyclone3d » 2019-1-09 @ 21:25

Best best it to have a computer that runs Windows 98 natively.

Another option is to use Windows 7 or maybe later and use Microsoft Virtual PC. I know it was only originally supported on Windows 7 Ultimate, but the download from MS doesn't specify that so who knows.

Another option which sounds really sketchy but may work better than it sounds is to install Windows 98 in DOSBOX. You will have to have a pretty stout system to run it this way for sure.

You can also try DOSBOX-X which supports Windows 9x natively.
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Re: How to run Stupid Invaders?

Postby Diskutant » 2019-1-13 @ 11:28

I wanted to try DOSBOX-X, but I can't get Win 98 installed.
I mounted the iso, started setup.exe then it states it's going to scan some stuff (press enter) and then hangs there with no progress.

I also found DxWND, which turns full screen games into windowed games. Running Stupid Invaders with that seems more stable. Will try that some more.

But would still love to get Win 98 run in DOSBOX-X, that could be a good option for some other stuff.
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