Dark Mod 2.07 Released!

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Dark Mod 2.07 Released!

Postby DosFreak » 2019-2-13 @ 16:01


TDM 2.07 is primarily a stability release, aimed at improving several experimental features that were added in 2.06. Soft shadows now work better, for example, with fewer graphical glitches and a new Shadow Map mode that allows for contact hardening (and generally better performance).

In addition to greater stability, there are a few new gameplay features, including a new frob helper that can be turned on in the Gameplay menu.

Mantling low and medium-sized obstacles is now faster and smoother, and further mantling improvements are already in the works for the next update.

There are a few new assets included in the update, including some new architectural module pieces, new chain models, and several trap prefabs (along with videos on how to set them up).

For a longer list of changes and additions, see the 2.07 wiki page, or the full changelog.

To update to this version, simply run tdm_update.exe in your darkmod folder.

Requires Visual C++ 2017 redist
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Re: Dark Mod 2.07 Released!

Postby Kerr Avon » 2019-2-24 @ 16:08

Thanks for letting us know, I'm downloading it now (the full version, from https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/downloads/the-dark-mod-207-full, not the updater from the official site).
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Re: Dark Mod 2.07 Released!

Postby akula65 » 2019-5-12 @ 23:23

Source: http://www.thedarkmod.com/news/

Hotfix for 2.07 now available (05/2019)

This hotfix release is intended mainly to fix serious problems with OpenGL that some players have.
The set of differences with the original 2.07 is minimal.
The hotfix release is expected to fully replace the original 2.07, and be called simply “TDM 2.07” in the future.

Unlike the usual case, this release does not break savegame compatibility.
You can load savegames produced by the original TDM 2.07 in the 2.07-hotfix version perfectly fine: no need to do anything.

The changes in 2.07-hotfix:

1) Fixed GLSL shaders not working on the latest AMD graphics drivers.
With original 2.07, players with AMD gpus had to either set r_useGLSL 0 or to download custom shader files.
Everyone who had this problem: please update to 2.07-hotfix, set r_useGLSL 1 back and remove glprogs directory if you have it.

2) Fixed GLSL shaders not working on some Linux drivers.
The same workaround was used to avoid the problem, which should be reverted after update.
It is also possible that shadow maps will start working for some players (due to this fix).

3) Fixed r_showportals 1 to work properly with Multi Core Enhancement and with subviews.
With original 2.07, it had problems like postprocessing being disabled or wrong rendering of portals.

4) Fixed missing tdm_coals_hot_ns material on some maps.

A minor note: TDM 2.07 hotfix has been finally released.

The old ("original") 2.07 version is no longer available (except by tdmsync prototype).

To everyone having TDM 2.07:

Please run tdm_update to make sure you have the latest version.

Note that savegames from any kind of TDM 2.07 will load properly in the latest/hotfixed version.

P.S. And please execute r_useFBO 1 in game console and make sure this cvar stays enabled.

Source: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/1993 ... ntry437415
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