Grand Prix 2 - Crashing on AMD K6-2 400

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Grand Prix 2 - Crashing on AMD K6-2 400

Postby bergqvistjl » 2019-3-17 @ 13:16

Jetway J-542B with AMD K6-2 400.
ATI Rage Pro 128
MS-DOS 6.22 (Fresh install)

When I run GP2, when I load the track, it crashes with a DOS/4GW error:

When I load the game with DOS-32A instead, It crashes in the same place, with this:
Any ideas?

Do you think stability would improve if I upgraded to a K6-2+ 500Mhz CPU (and used the patched bios for this mobo to enable write-allocation, from here:

It was working fine on a a system with a 1Ghz P3 Coppermine (Jetway 993AN motherboard, rest of the specs identical).

Still with the 400Mhz CPU, I applied the patched BIOS, and the game no longer crashed.
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