Stylus support (Surface Pro)

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Stylus support (Surface Pro)

Postby soyo » 2019-7-31 @ 18:46


First of all, I think there is hardly anybody who was playing games in 90s that didn't use DropBox at least once in one form or another. So my deepest thanks!

I wanted to ask (mostly for the reason as I'm just curious what's the issue here) what's the dosbox chalange in terms of supporting stylus. I've seen one thread back from 2014 where it said the issue is lack of sdl2. Is it still the case today?

I have to say that now that I own Surface Pro 6 which is amazing it would be even more amazing to play some games using stylus, like The Incredible Machine series for example. I'm playing Heroes of might and magic III with stylus now, and I have to say it's unbelievable how amazing it feels to play this game on my lap using fanless tablet.

I'm sure it's more complicated than just map the stylus touch to left click of a mouse button, but can anybody shed a light why it's so hard to do? (I imagine it's hard, as otherwise it would be probably done by now)

Any chance I might live to the day where DosBox (and through it GOG) will support the stylus?

cheers and thanks for this amazing project!
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Re: Stylus support (Surface Pro)

Postby Schule04 » 2019-8-15 @ 02:27

You could try if Touchmousepointer works for you, here's the link:
It basically emulates a touchpad and mouse pointer, but might be useful for you if you switch it to full screen mode and set acceleration speed to 1x.

Is it still the case today?

Yes. Dosbox developers don't want to switch to SDL2, and SDL1 simply lacks modern windows touchscreen input support.
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