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Re: Adlib To Midi

Postby » 2019-11-05 @ 18:07

Ok, so now we are splitting hairs.

If people find that the YMF7xxx or the CT1747 sound completely different, so be it.
Personally, I'm satisfied with either since they fit the bill of providing a true Yamaha synth for different applications.

As for the sound output, the OPL chips themselves don't even output analog audio, they all go through a YAV516 or equivalent. Its this chip and everything after it that colour the sound in some particular way.
At least that is my understanding.
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Re: Adlib To Midi

Postby anonyme-x22 » 2019-11-05 @ 18:19


@Scali: you're right, that's why i corrected my post.
Nothing to do with the original which can be found on most SB16 thanks to @Scali
Some people are satified with mp3 too.
Yes and not, try to do full midi fm with them.
Yes and not, the YAV516 for some card and another for other, + the output design.
In fact, the less complex, the most accurate sound, adlib/SB 1.5(for the fm part) = a chip + a dac + a mini poweramp (Nothing more)

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