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ScummVM Boot Params

Postby DosFreak » 2005-3-25 @ 03:28

Was visiting today and noticed they they have updated their Boot Params for games. Heck, I didn't even know that ScummVM had 'em!

What are boot params?

A boot param is a special number which allows you (if used appropriately, see below) to go directly to a specific part of a game. These boot params are mostly useful for debugging and playtesting a game; you get teleported to a certain situation in a game, with some of the items appropriate for it. It is not always possible to continue and complete a game from this, because you may lack important items. But for us developers, it's very helpful, because we can quickly get to trouble spots in a clean state, and try to reproduce any bugs you report to us.

These boot params do not exist by chance or magic: they were put into the game data by the original developers of the games, and were meant for exactly the same purpose we use them for: to help in debugging the game. Of course, they also make a nice cheat system (with some caveats, as I tried to outline above).

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