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DOSBox has allowed me to enjoy many of the games I grew up with that Microsoft are unwilling to support by including a DOS emulator in their operating system (something they could achieve easily) and so without the likes of DOSBox many of us would have no choice but to abandon the games that shaped our teenage years. I want to give a huge thank you to Qbix and the rest of the team who have given those like me the chance to play Cryo's Dune in Windows 10.

Like I said I have used DOSBox for almost it's entirety, ever since Microsoft decided all DOS games should be forgotten with the introduction of Windows XP, I used DOSBox in 2005 to play a buggy Rick Dangerous and I use it today to play a flawless SWIV 3D, but in all those years I took DOSBox for granted so today I finally decided to donate something to the folk(s) that have kept me sane over the years. When I donate money to a cause I don't usually post about it because I'm not looking for plaudits or gold stars, it was just that there was no message box next to the donation where I could send a small message to Peter and Co. telling them how much DOSBox has meant to me over the years and so I am posting it here knowing he/they will get it.

Thank you so much for an amazing program. DOSBox is probably the greatest program in existence when it comes to retro gaming and keeping retro gaming alive!

Everlasting thanks