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Re: Terminator Skynet problem

Could it be an issue with the full version? I've tried the demo of T-Skynet from 3dgamers right now (used the 1.00 version). The demo works almost perfect, even fast at 320x200 and okay at 640x480 on an Intel MacBook (2GHz) / 10.5.2 using "out of the box"/default settings of DosBox 0.72. Midi didn't …

Re: old 286, what to do with it?

in PC Emulation
wolf3d on 286/12 would suck .... maybe u can make it a true EGA machine amigo! naah, bought myself wolf3d for my 286/12MHz/1MB Ram at the ole days and it worked fine with the SB1.5 and my 256Kb mem VGA card. I even tried to upgrade that machine to 4MB Ram, but the SIPP (yes, it was evil SIPP-Ram …

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