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Dark Seed 2 - Win 3.11 - DOSBox - SBPRO2

hello to all, I've installed Windows 3.11 through DOSBox to play Dark Seed 2. I followed the guide on vogons which instructs to use soundblaster 16. Everything works OK except for sound stuttering & choppiness on the dialogue. So instead I tried SBPRO1, & 2 as I read SBPro is faster to emulate. I …

Ignition / Fun Tracks - Joystick won't work

hello all does anyone know how to get the joystick working in this game, as I've tried all the different joystick types and timed on/off when you go to calibrate the joystick it tells you to move the joystick to all positions then after press a button - but not even a button on the joystick will …

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