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Re: Using Creative Goldfinch

I put a goldfinch in one of my rigs and it took forever to troubleshoot. Turned out it only will work with certain sb16’s such as the CT2970, I tried a bunch of others hoping one with a real opl chip would work but no luck. It also needs -5v rail which took me forever to figure out. I did drill my …

Re: Two sound cards not working, any hope?

I tried changing the jumpers on the SB16 to bypass the amplifier and use just a line out and it worked and sounds perfect! I wonder why the internal amp isn't working? With line out enabled the VRs are still super hot. There's a JP1 labeled AUDIO PWB by the amp section/3.5mm connectors which has 7 …

Two sound cards not working, any hope?

I was rebuilding some old computer parts I have and I tried to use an old CT1750 SB16 card and the drivers install fine but I can’t hear any output. The voltage regulators are getting blistering hot while it’s on. I’m wondering if it could need to be recapped or if it’s just toast. My 2nd card is an …

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