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Re: Roland Super MPU64 Question

My two cents for others looking for a dedicated sound mixing solution: get a Behringer RX1602 rack mixer. Quite cheap, sounds great, all the functionality you need. I've been using it for about two years now with my AWE32, MT-32, SC-55 and a couple other devices. Works like a charm and no noticeable …

Re: Bought these games today

FormGen's retail release of Monster Bash (v2.1). Seems to be hard to find. The only other copies I've seen listed for sale are in the $150 range (on Amazon. I got it for much less than that.) The FormGen Monster Bash installer is awful. I could not get it to work in DOSBox no matter what -freesize …

Re: Bought these games today

lolo799 wrote: Received those two this week: […] Show full quote Received those two this week: macgames.jpg Tie Fighter disc is still sealed. mactiefighter.jpg Now to find a joystick with an ADB connector... Loads of those on eBay, just search for "joystick adb". 😀

Re: New DreamBlaster S2 !

And how am I supposed to know that? Because the second sentence in the very first post of the X2GU thread, which Falcosoft gave you just a few posts before, tells you that: " It is based on the samples from the GeneralUser bank (http://www.schristiancollins.com/generaluser.php) with kind permission …

Re: New DreamBlaster S2 !

Nice, but still not even using half of the memory. Why? The quality of the samples could be doubled . :) And where should these samples are coming from? That bank was made from already existing samples. And how am I supposed to know that? Feel free to sample the 128 GM instruments with higher …

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