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Re: OPL3LPT : OPL3 FM Synthesis on parallel port

opl2lpt caps won't leak in the future, we are not in 2000 were all those defective caps were manufactured :) Corrected, thanks :blush: But these are electrolytes, so they will degrade in future. What about capacitors used in OPL3LPT? More important thing here, are there any commercial dos games …

Re: OPL3LPT : OPL3 FM Synthesis on parallel port

Could someone please post comparison of OPL2LPT and OPL3LPT devices? What pros and cons each has. I don't have any of these devices yet, but at first look I would come with following. Please correct me where I'm wrong: 1. manufacturing technology opl2lpt pros: seems to easier to repair due to …

general midi for fotaq and bass games?

in DOS
Are there any patches for Flight of the Amazon Queen and Beneath a Steel Sky that add general midi support to them? I've tried these games, and only available music options are: adlib, soundblaster and roland :blah: That's strange because these games are 1994-1995, while a lof ot earlier games do …

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