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Re: Links 386 Pro (1992)

Sorry no further ideas from me. I guess your version is buggy. Try v 1.21 (also 1992), it works fine. I think i'm not allowed to tell you that this is the version you can find on myabandonware, so i won't do so.

Re: Links 386 Pro (1992)

The swp is generated by links in it's own directory. However, this is probably not the point. Links should run trouble-free on the first attempt even with 0.72. I think it's the sound, if it was graphics, there would be no trees at all. Never use cycles=max, auto works better. For Links =3000 is …

Re: Links 386 Pro (1992)

Is the golfer golfing or hangs the game? Is there sound? Is CPU idle or on 100%? Have you tried a different course? [cpu] core=auto cputype=auto, [dos] xms=true ems=true umb=true, if there is a xxx.swp file, delete it. If nothing helps: The Links-courses can be used in MS-Golf 3 (Windows), too. For …

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