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Re: colored text in the command line

Here is some more information that I found out by experimenting. The numbers corresponding to colors of type displayed are: Foreground Background 30 black 40 31 red 41 32 green 42 33 yellow 43 34 blue 44 35 magenta 45 36 cyan 46 37 white 47 Colors in foreground can be brightened by preceding the …

Re: colored text in the command line

Thanks, dreamer. I still need to play with this a little more, but I have been able to make a few quick test files. I am now able to switch the prompt colors by using the type command. This is pretty much what I was looking for. After I refine my process, I will get back and pass along what I have …

colored text in the command line

I've gotten DOSBox to work and I have been able to tweak the parameters. But I have also noticed that on the Welcome Screen when DOSBox starts up, there are fields with blue background, colored titles, etc. I am sure there is an escape sequence that can be used to change colors in forground and …

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