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Can you help identify this ISA OPTi Soundcard?

Hello everyone. Recently I got a box of soundcards and in them an OPTi with modem interface. Almost 35cm long o_O My google searches to identify the card haven't been fruitful and my experience with OPTi cards unfortunately is close to zero. Attached some pics of the card. https://i.imgur.com/ …

Re: 3dfx case badges

in Milliways
Whiskey wrote on 2017-01-20, 09:39: EDIT: Techiant case badges arrived. Pictures attached. I have a few spares, PM me if interested. 0-neu-d1-919a40f363b845969a591af6ef9c6064.jpg This is a long shot... but do you happen to still have a couple of these badges?

Re: SOFTMPU - MPU-401 Not Detected (Roland SC88)

in SoftMPU
keropi wrote on 2021-05-06, 09:57: Well you can always use a SB16 or similar card that has a normal UART MPU-401 interface so that the SC-88 will work fine with GM/GS games and use softmpu for mt-32 gaming like you do now. Is the Soundblaster Pro 2.0 any different from an SB16 in that respect? ( …

Re: SOFTMPU - MPU-401 Not Detected (Roland SC88)

in SoftMPU
Bondi wrote on 2021-05-06, 09:15: SoftMPU works with real mode games only, and also with games that use Miles Sound System drivers (HOMM2, for instance). Makes sense... so I'm guessing there are no software options for what I'm trying to do - need to go to a hardware solution?

SOFTMPU - MPU-401 Not Detected (Roland SC88)

in SoftMPU
Hey all... I've been using softmpu with a ROLAND MT32 hooked up to a SoundBlaster Pro 2.0 (CT1600) quite successfully. /OUTPUT:SBMIDI at address 330. Most of the games I've used this setup with work well always under pure DOS. Recently I got my hands on a ROLAND SC-88 in order to play later DOS …

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