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Re: Cubic Player 1.7 works now!

Hi, "summoning the underworld" plays fine with WINJEY 1.01 I will try IT later... Look into this musicans : (from up to down!!!) http://www.modarchive.com/artists/skaven/ http://www.modarchive.com/artists/necros/ http://www.modarchive.com/artists/pm/ http://www.modarchive.com/artists/lizardking/ …

Re: Cubic Player 1.7 works now!

HI, he thinks that You can´t crab sources out of a open source software product and use it in closed source software !!! btw.... Winjey 1.01 is the BEST player for XM/IT and oder module formats : http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/programs/WinJey/download.shtml It is the windows version of XTC-PLAY (same …

Re: Cubic Player 1.7 works now!

Hi, thats very simple... Complex music-formats like XM ider IT are using many many different realtime sample effects like vibrato, volume slides, panning etc. If a player only plays 80% of this effetcs and 50% out of this 80% are wrong played then the module sounds different as the musician wants it …

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