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Re: Nvidia Riva TNT 2 64 on 430TX motherboard

Garrett W wrote on 2021-02-28, 08:57: Agree with the above statement. You are mixing it up with the regular TNT2, the M64 is more akin to the original TNT which trades punches with the Voodoo2. Still, more than enough for your socket 7 system, just remember to use as old a driver as possible. Thank …

Nvidia Riva TNT 2 64 on 430TX motherboard

Hey guys Just a follow up to my previous post on the Ati Rage XL on 430TX. Since there's no way now for the Rage XL to work on my motherboard, i have decided to scour ebay for some old vintage 3D graphics cards. I have found a 82088PCI Nvidia Riva Tnt-2 64 16MB PCI Video Graphics Card. From my …

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