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Re: Ram for quake on dos

Ok so it could be something especific to this PC? Its a Pentium-S 100 with a intel triton chispet motherboard , s3 trio64 and sb16. I'm trying to run philcomputer quake benchmark and it refuses to, unless I add a couple ram modules.

Re: suggestions for windows XP

in Milliways
Call me paranoid, but don't tell me micro$oft doesn't record the phone number, and suddenly your phone number is "out there" That's why I have two prepaid disposable/burner phone numbers in a feature phone (Nokia 130 2017 Dual Sim). One from a domestic service provider another from outside the …

Re: CD-Burners

in Milliways
Offcourse! My first burner was a OEM Philips capable of burning CD-R at twice the normal speed! So it would only take about half an hour to backup an audio cd! A couple years after, I bought an LG x16 burner that did the same in 8min!!!

Re: Retro paradox?

in Milliways
Isn't it strange how the further we diverge from the past, the more our knowledge increases about the past? (...) Instead of slowly forgetting about details of, say, tube technology or old computers, todays knowledge of the old, it seems, actually steadily increases with temporal distance. I think …

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