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Re: Sound Blaster 16 Pro (CT2950) not working

That's awesome, thanks! I didn't really that PnP cards need to have a BIOS that supports PnP. The Unisound driver sounds like it should work, and I'll try it out. The 286 will be fine with it, but the 386 machine has Win95 on, and the Unisound is a DOS driver. Do we think there's a way to get sound …

Sound Blaster 16 Pro (CT2950) not working

I just got a Sound Blaster 16 Pro Plug and Play (CT2950) in, but it's not being recognised in the two PCs (one a 286, the other a 386 DX40) I tried it in. The DOS/Win 3.11 install can't find it, neither Win 95 using hardware detection. The Creative diagnostic app also stops after it failed to find …

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