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Re: [Theme Park] Crash after a while

Thanks for your assistance. I've edited the OP as I forgot to mention the various mem settings that I've tried also without success. I do confirm the crash will occur on SVN as well. I need to test with ECE and X indeed. For the record the "eXo" version does rely on ECE (not sure it's fine to …

[Theme Park] Crash after a while

Hi, my first post here. I'll do my best to provide any details allowing a resolution. Issue: Theme Park (CD) is crashing after a while on 0.74-2, 0.74-3 and SVN. 139047438-4bc1d2da-7ee9-4be4-9ed2-cca3f4ed734a.png Log "trace": [snip] Illegal read from ffffffcc, CS:IP 160: f69a Illegal write to …

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