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Re: Help identifying ISA sound card

The Vibra 16 Model is CT4180. Based on wikipedia I have to guess it has the OPL3 emulation. If that's the case, would the better sounding card (given drivers with the right speed ADSP for the chip)? I'll check on the Turtle Beach/Opti/ESS/Crystal cards the next time I'm at the store (it's bin …

Re: Help identifying ISA sound card

Yup that's the card! Bummer it has poor quality midi, probably not worth the trouble. My other option is a SoundBlaster Vibra 16, would that be preferable? Are there any sounds cards you recommend for ISA? I had a Pro Audio Spectrum as a kid and liked the sound but I'm not finding them for sale …

Re: Help identifying ISA sound card

I don't think its the first link as the manual uploaded has pics that don't look like this card (they are missing the IDE connectors). It does sound like the one in the second link as it has the same FCC ID. Hard to tell, but I appreciate the lead!

Help identifying ISA sound card

Does this look familiar to anyone? A bit of searching on the model number haven't paid off, aside from an FCC application that had no useful info. If it's not easy to identify visually is there a utility that can pull info from it? Appreciate any pointers on drivers for DOS 6.22 / Win 3.1 or 95. …

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