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Duke 3d awe32 mode why sounds like this?.

Hello guys. I have an awe64 value, testing the sound setup of Duke Nukem 3D using the awe32 mode it has a very weird "clicking/poping/crack" sounds. initially i though my sound card was bad (i saw another similar cases in games) but today i found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= …

Re: Bruninho's Virtual Machines (Windows, Linux, Mac)

how is going with that VM's?. Recently i went to the store in my hood and speaking with the seller, he told me people is using VM's to run retro pcs just when i was assembling my retro pc. Is completely functional 1:1 experience?, i mean no input lag in games, no bugs etc. Depends of what you want …

Re: Turok Dinosaur Hunter Help

in Windows
just to give some info in case someone is interested in this glorious game. There is a version for direct 3d & glide support wich is better, the voodoo rush version dosnt have a config file and you cant use launch options like fps max, skip the launcher or whatever, it looks like a cutted version or …

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