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Re: GUS, my old friend...

A demo always uses direct commands to the GUS`s proc., the games usually through an audio system, which handles the GUS as a normal sound card. Which GUS based game didn`t work for you? Zak, proud owner and user of a GUS PNP Pro, and a GUS Max, former GUS ACE owner. :) GUS forever. I`ll never use …

Re: Transport Tycoon Deluxe

in DOS
Of course the windows version exists! http://zak.webdream.hu -> games. Don`t be confused altough it`s a racing game page, it`s there. :) remember to use ttdpatch on it. Btw, I`m planning to open a TTD competition, I was taken part in some of them long time ago, but now they`re dead. What do you …

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