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Re: Sierra Entertainment back from the dead

in Milliways
Better be something to forget 8 existed. The Silver Lining was pretty good at washing that nasty taste KQ8 left in my mouth. Shame the haven't finished the series yet. I don't think TSL will ever be completed - they've gone pro now so the impetus to complete it is surely severely diminished? As for …

Re: The Return of Mobygames?

in Milliways
Good news 😀 The site has been declining in content usefulness over recent years and was visually and functionally ruined during the recent overhaul. Hopefully contributors will return and the site will once again be great!

Re: Half-Life vs. Unreal

in Milliways
Pointless to compare really. Unreal was released ahead of Half-Life by at least 6 months but was arguably a technical superior title. However HL was based on a better story and thus some would say a better game. They both had good and bad within. Remember both for what they provided at the time they …

Re: Winamp is Dead

That has surely been the problem for Winamp [and similar players of the time] - there's a large amount of users who are led to the lock-in of Apple's ecosystem because of the hardware. I've never felt the need to have anything to manage my music.

Re: Winamp is Dead

It might just be in line for a fate worse than death: http://techcrunch.com/2013/11/21/source-microsoft-in-talks-to-buy-shoutcast-and-winamp-from-aol/ Not sure why Microsoft would want to spend any money on this. Sad news but in reality Winamp all but died some years back. As long as it keeps …

Re: what programming is worth learning?

in Milliways
Programming itself is fairly easy; it's the design of how something can/should be achieved that's hard :) These days it's much cleaner to consider the environment rather than the language. Windows development is quite fragmented these days. Winforms was very big 10-12 years back but is dying back; …

Re: Mig Alley - MFC Application error?

in Windows
Jorpho wrote: There's probably some missing DLL or another - maybe one of the Visual C++ runtimes, perhaps. Process Monitor or Dependency Walker might help you get to the source. This will be your problem.

Re: Rise of the Triad

It's got way too many rough edges to get a great review from me. It needs a quick save feature, badly! Getting wiped out by long range poorly defined enemies is dull and makes the previous point even more pertinent. Dying and restarting without seeing anything of it has happened several times. Bad …

Re: Rude/strange Ebay sellers?

in Milliways
I paid an extra 26 CAD$ for quicker and tracked delivery of book from Canada. After a couple of weeks I got concerned as the item hadn't arrived. The seller didn't care and was not able (I thought willing) to provide a tracking number. After a few exchanges with him I started a not received action …

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