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Way to go!

Went mad and bought Red Baron II from eBay a couple of weeks back, downloaded the 3D patch, installed OpenGlide, run RB up, set max visuals and went flying. OpenGlide is a superb piece of work! Thanks!!

Re: Sim Theme Park (EU: Theme Park World)

in Windows
Hey, I should have posted my fix here way back :) Not sure why I didn't although it's not that old a game I suppose! Anyways, I've updated the page beyond recognition and it includes a little more information and better details. There are two sound issues: hangs and clipping. The sound clipping …

Re: Pinball Illusions

in DOS
Doh! sounded too good to be true.... my 'm8' Google is not being terribly helpful over a 'small' pre-requisite called Kickstart. Thanks for your help anyways!

Pinball Illusions

in DOS
I've got 21st Century's Pinball Powerpack on CD which contains Dreams, Dreams2, Fantasies, Illusions and Mania but I cannot get any of them to run! I'm 'sure' I've had Dreams/Fantasies running but now when I try the ntvdm process just dies :( I really wanted to play Illusions again but this one has …

Re: Police Quest 4

I've got the PQ Collection set (eBay - yeah, I know - tho this one was quite good value!)... tried it out and it did run past the shield part you described. At the crime scene, I pressed escape and the game crashed. This is almost the same as I had happen on one of the LSL series... with that I used …

Re: Police Quest 4

the archive I have downloaded... Don't think many people will help you out! I had lost/sold/binned some of my earliest s/w and ended up spending far too much on eBay to get some titles back. Even bought some I didn't ever own befoere - Callahan's Crosstime Saloon - which I can't quite get working!! …

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