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Re: Archive.org lawsuit

dr_st wrote on 2020-06-07, 21:56: I think the concern is that if the IA is forced to pay "damages" to the publishes over the theoretical loss of sales, this could bankrupt the entire endeavor, and then everything might be forced offline, including the Wayback Machine. Yes exactly.

Re: Archive.org lawsuit

kolderman wrote on 2020-06-07, 21:40: Whut. I said the library has nothing to do with the wayback machine. They are completely different technologies. Banning the library is not banning old versions of websites. They are affiliated so they are the same. Do you not get that? READ THE ENTIRE THING …

Re: Archive.org lawsuit

Never heard of this library. Nothing to do with the wayback machine. What? Did you read the article? Yes. Four of the nation's leading book publishers have sued the Internet Archive, the online library best known for maintaining the Internet Wayback Machine. The Internet Archive makes scanned …

Archive.org lawsuit

https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/06/p … ending-program/ This could be really bad. There is so much preserved there , and it could be all lost.

Re: Win X

On the tech support issue: Sometimes there are people that you literally cannot even teach the basics like where the Start menu is, or what an icon is, or how the windowing system works. These are the kinds of people who will click on random things just to get the computer to do something, think …

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