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Re: Outlast problem with dgVoodoo

I did nothing special. I just installed the game (gog version but as for the nature of the bug it shouldn't matter which version) and copied the x64 d3d9.dll into the Win64 game folder. Then using the default dgVoodoo cfg, except setting the DirectX\VRAM to 2048. Since the old dll didn't work, I …

Re: dgvoodoo conf

Yes, .conf was a bad choice on my part at the time. When I introduced the INI format then I should have renamed it but I didn't do that because the config file could still be read/written in binary format as well. So, ok, .ini would be better, but what about the binary case? An .ini file that could …

Re: Outlast problem with dgVoodoo

Yes, it's working for me. I copied d3d9.dll into the Win64 folder and played the game. You must be using the old d3d9.dll however which I guess is contained somewhere in the ripper folder structure. At least, I have no other idea.

Re: AMD issues with dgVoodoo

Mondodimotori wrote on 2022-06-13, 20:11: Is there somewhere else where this solution could be useful? Like PCGamingWiki or other support forums? TBH I don't know... But I mention it in the readme of v2.79 anyway. The problem is, nobody reads that. 😀

Re: dgVodooo 2.7.x and related WIP versions (2)

I know still there are reported issues to solve, but at this pace the new developments will never be released, so I do it now: ========================== v2.79 ========================== - Support for multihead (multimonitor) D3D9 devices (Supreme Commander) - Fixing/implementing DDraw/D3D9 …

Re: AMD issues with dgVoodoo

I don't know what you can do with this information, but I'm pretty sure it will be useful for other users. Unfortunately I don't want to test WHEN this "Anti-Lag" started causing the issue, because I would need to test several drivers and I could not be bothered. Unless it could be important in …

Re: Outlast problem with dgVoodoo

I can confirm the unresponsive control symptom. Actually it turned out to be a bug in dgVoodoo, I'll fix it in the next version or WIP (x64 only). However, I get no rendering glitches. I hate to ask this, but don't you have an AMD card? Just make sure, try the game with D3D12.

Re: ***FOR Dege***OLD APP texture injection

Hi, thanks! The problem is, a D3D9 backend cannot be implemented for dgVoodoo2. It was asked before by others, but the new version of dgVoodoo needs at least DX10.1 level features (or DX10.0 with some limitations). This is true especially for Glide which does not even creates and use backend API …

Re: AMD issues with dgVoodoo

(I moved the affected posts here because they are not about a dgVoodoo regressive bug but related to AMD) The newest adrenaline is 22.5.2 if I see it right. So, D3D12 doesn't work with that but it does with downgrading 22.3.2?

Re: Command & Conquer: Generals alt-tab crash

You can try disabling option DirectX\DisableAltEnterToToggleScreenMode. In that case, dgVoodoo does not put the DX device into lost state and does not minimize the window so the game might survive. But, if the game looks for losing the focus and "get confused", then it unfortunately won't help.

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