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Re: Using Glidos with Direct3D

in GliDOS General
Just a short comment: I think I know why lines appears as blue, as I came across with this problem with dgv, and was a real mystery for me too for a long time (and the black lines of the ingame health bar). TR UB uses the iterated RGB color in the color combine unit in a special mode, namely in …

Re: psVoodoo - New pixel shader based glide wrapper

in GliDOS General
I'm back, being very busy... :happyhappy: :sad: I've just tested psVoodoo, good work Paul!!! :wink: Tried with Unreal/Unreal Tournament so far on a GF5700 and ATI X600. No graphical glitches. About speed problem: yes, indeed not so smooth, but I dont think it's slow (especially with A X600)! I'm …

Re: dgVoodoo & Mechwarrior 2 3Dfx

in PC Emulation
Ahh! Finally some pieces of good news... :happy: :happy: Is it a Glide 2.11 based game too? @Carrera: if you read this: I've seen your message about Mech2, as you have problems with it. I remember, kjliew told me to copy a 3 bytes file of Mech2 ones (can't remember the name) into the root directory …

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