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Re: Whats with the shipping costs from USA???

I wanted to post here, but I better keep my mouth shut. Let's say I work, I am qualified for my job, I have a high level education; but I earn enough to survive. It comes from living in an ex-communist Eastern European country, I guess.... While people from other, more Western countries pay for food …

Re: Do I really need an XP rig?

This is coming from a person running multiple OS on his main rig: There are games which do not work right on Windows 7, but are fine on same computer running XP. To me, those that use BINK video. While in XP the videos run just fine, in 7 (I did not bother with Vista) they are played at their …

Re: Social Media Goodness

I can't name them yet, not until I manage how to change my current nick here. Sorry, I am a bit paranoid, and I can explain why. As soon as I change my nick. Well... I think I have to ask the help of one of the mods.

Re: Why wasn't the Amiga popular in North America?

Having a PC background I played PS1 games later; much later. About when I started to collect consoles too, sometime in the last decade. I can say, I was amazed of its gaming power compared to PCs. You need a 4-5 times faster CPU and a lot more RAM to achieve the same graphic quality on a PC.

Re: Why wasn't the Amiga popular in North America?

@mr_bigmouth_502 First of all, the screen would be black&white (if you use RF or composite video). Then it is possible that the game would run too fast; same thing happens with console games. Then, PAL Amigas had higher vertical resolution. I don't know if I remember correctly, but I believe a NTSC …

Re: Why wasn't the Amiga popular in North America?

@m1so I know the feeling, neighbor. Back in 91-95 I was playing ZX Spectrum games. Because that was the machine I had back then (a clone, actually). Saboteur, Chuckie Egg, River raid, Dan Dare 1, 2 and 3, Nether Earth, Rainbow Islands, many others whom I forgot the names, and the one and only Elite …

Re: Why wasn't the Amiga popular in North America?

Here the Amiga was as rare as hen's teeth. I know only 3 people who had one, meself included. And I got my first, an A500, after year 2k. Few had C64, fewer had Atari 8bit, Atari 16bit were used by some musicians, CPC's were also rare. For us, in the 80's were only ZX Spectrum clones, and after 90 …

Re: Consolidating down to one machine

I try to play on the system in my sig, but some games do not work well. Some do not like the high CPU speed, some do not like the low CPU speed, some demand more than a Voodoo 3 3000. Have 2 other P&P (Plug&Play) systems, one being an IBM PC 330, Pentium 200 MMX, 128 Mb EDO RAM, the other a socket A …

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