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Re: Removing stretching with black borders

If you set output=ddraw in dosbox.conf it should already work better (or better output=direct3d if you have a patched cvs), and set scaler=none. (that is if you use Windows) That way it can both stretch AND not look bad as you second screenshot. And if you don't want it to strech just set aspect= …

Re: DOSbox with GameEx?!

katuuuz wrote: it's on this forum under post #18. http://www.gameex.info/forums/index.php?s=81c … ad1&showtopic=3 download the .rtf document and it's all there. Thanks, I'm gonna use it! I downloaded GameEx, this is a great frontend for everything.

Re: DOSbox with GameEx?!

From the screenshot GameEx looks very cool. (and Microsoft products can also look cool, MS does have the ability to hire good designers 😉) I'll try it and tell you if I managed to use DOSBox on it.

Re: Can't Save Game

Maybe it's just the config file of the specific game? It would help if you knew where it tries to save the game. Yep Alley Cat! The first really good PC game. I once sent IBM an email to encourage them to release a remake 😁

Re: Can't Save Game

If you're using NTFS file system it's possible that DOSBox doesn't have permission to write to that directory. Try this: 1. Go to Folder Options from the control panel, and make sure "Use simply simple file sharing" is unchecked 2. Go to "properties" of C:\Games in Windows 3. In Security tab, click …

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